Testimonial from Mark Richardson Kings Lynn.

Originally used the leather Bioflow wristband to detox the body.

Over the years l have used the product for all manor of aches and pains. 

The result has been wonderful for recovery from sport injuries and hard exercise. 

Also, brilliant to ease muscular problems.

I would definitely recommend the Bioflow range of products.

Testimonial from Taoh in King's Lynn.

I use the products for general aches and pains. Wouldn't be without it.

My testimonial. 

I have been using the Bioflow magnotherapy product since August 1999. 

Initially, l had an accident and didn't know how to manage the pain.  

Surviving on around 2 hours sleep, my friend telephoned me about the Bioflow magnotherapy products, however, l poo pood them. 

Convinced that l would get my money back on a 90 day money back guarantee, l eventually tried the product. 

Initially, the 1st 9 days no obvious benefit, then on day 10 wow. A huge improvement, my arthritis was managed and sleep patterns back to normal.

Unfortunately, 6 months later l was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and told to be in hospital 4 days later. 

Obviously, l had to take my product off prior to going into surgery. My aches and pains returned, on commencing my chemotherapy, l asked if l could start using my Bioflow again. I was told to wait a week whilst they investigated. 

When l went for my second dose, l was informed that l could put my product back on. Not only did my aches and pains subside, but l didn't loose my hair during 6 months of chemotherapy. 

I spoke to a magnotherapy consultant who said that whilst it couldn't be proved but it was likely that there was more oxygen going through, therefore that's why l didn't loose my hair. In fact l had my hair cut 3 times whilst having my chemotherapy. 

Excellent product, well worth the money.